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Learning Lab: Handling Chemistry Calls

Learning Labs
January 23, 2020

Learning Lab #6

Unsuccessful call…no client!

It really is as simple as that.

Many coaches are happier with the actual coaching than the job of selling their services. Marketing and sales are probably not what drew us into coaching in the first place and the so-called ‘chemistry call’ can represent the sharp end of the hard commercial reality of being a professional coach.

We know many truly excellent coaches who confess that the chemistry call is either an ordeal or a mystery. Why do we rarely seem to land that client who we seemed to engage with so pleasantly on the phone? Or why did I go on for 5 minutes about an aspect of my coaching the client hadn’t even asked about?

Why do I feel nervous on these calls when in the coaching room itself I am serenely confident?

What are the secrets of success for these calls and how do some coaches acquire more clients than others?

- This session was designed by Phil Hayes.

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