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Leaders in Sport
The premium content and events platform for leaders in world sport and MF partners since 2016. We’ve supported successful Leaders events on the ground in the UK, US, Middle East and virtually. We’re proud to be official partners of the Leaders Meet: Diversity Series with Facebook.
The Open University
With a mission to make learning accessible to all, The OU have supported over 2 million students in the UK and across the world since their formation in 1969. In 2014 MF collaborated with the Executive Education team on the design, development and delivery of a virtual Coaching Skills Course; “Coaching for Performance”. This course ran successfully for six years. Delighted that two more courses go live in 2021.
Crisis plan to end homelessness. MF play a small part in supporting this ambition. In 2021 we contacted the charity to offer support. We’re committed to provide pro bono coaching to Crisis people and their members. We have also committed to sponsor, train, qualify and supervise four people to become professional Coaches.
Radically Traditional
A ground breaking partnership between MF and The Centre for High Performance , ‘Radically Traditional’ has developed research, insights and practical know-how into how organisations can sustain success.
Based in Gdynia, Move4ward Training and Development are exclusive partners for MF in Poland. They are experts in sales training and in the soft skills required for successful leaders and teams.
The Grove Practice
Since 2002 The Grove Practice has grown organically from its original conception as a private psychotherapy service into its current incarnation, as a cutting-edge leader in the field of mental health education. The story of the growing partnership between MF and The Grove mirrors a growing realisation in organisational life that sustainable high performance is inextricably linked with creating an environment that nurtures and supports the mental health and wellbeing of staff.

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