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The MF Podcast: Coaching at the Heart

Matt Driver: Coaching at the Heart

We talk to MF's Head of Coach Skills Development about his ideas on coaching and how people can learn to be the best coach they possibly can be.

Tony Reilly: Coaching at the Heart

Tony’s rise as a professional coach has been meteoric and impressive. What can we learn from that success, how does he feel about the coach he is becoming and what does the future hold?

Angeline Cross: Coaching at the Heart

Angeline Cross is a Human Resources Senior at Nissan Motor Manufacturing UK and has recently had some coaching from us. In this episode, she shares insight into the coaching process and how she's been able to benefit from it.

Marcia Bailey: Coaching at the Heart

Marcia Bailey is from the UK Sports Institute which delivers support services that enable sports and athletes to excel. Just like MF, they put coaching at the heart of what they do, and one of the ways they do that is to sponsor colleagues to achieve the ILM coaching qualifications that our podcast host Hugh helps to run.

Dr Peter Brown: Coaching at the Heart

Doctor Peter Brown is Assistant Director of Organisational Development at Aneurin Bevan University Health Board. With his big role, in a big organisation, with big challenges we wanted to find out how, in his organisational context, he’s putting coaching - and his own coach skills training – to work.

Tony Betts on Being and Doing

What happens when we shift focus, so instead of just coaching around what we are doing, we use coaching to explore what we are being?

Tony Betts on Niche Coaching

Coach bios will often report great experience or tremendous skills in a particular industry so, as a coach, do I really need to niche?

Tony Betts on Contracting

How can you reconcile the warmth and rapport of successful coaching interactions with the cold and daunting sentiment behind the word 'Contracting'?

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