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Are you ready to kickstart a cultural revolution?

Leader smiling in front of a happy team.


Percentage of organisations who have a written set of values

< 20%

Percentage of organisations whose stated values have any meaningful impact on people’s actual behaviour. This indicates 80% of culture projects have no sustained impact.


Percentage of High performing cultures who hold people accountable to an agreed set of winning behaviours.

Most culture projects fail because they fall into the trap of believing a set of values will be enough to change behaviour. We help you embed winning behaviours.

  • Whilst agreeing the behaviours you want to define your culture is a critical first step. We need to remember it’s only the first step.
  • What makes our approach distinctive is the emphasis we place on equipping leaders to embed culture. We help leaders to become culture architects.
  • Modelling the behaviours. Facilitating culture conversations. Giving skilled feedback to challenge counter behaviours.

How we can help you kick start your cultural revolution:

Culture health check
We interview a cross section of people providing an expert, objective analysis of how people are experiencing your culture right now.
Develop a culture blueprint
We help you codify the behaviours; those that have defined you at your finest moments, and those you need to develop to move to the next level.
Grow culture architects
We equip your leaders with a suite of tools and skills for shaping culture.
Radically Traditional
Keynote sharing insights from a 7 year research project uncovering what enables organisations like NASA, The Royal Shakespeare Company and NZ All Blacks to outperform their peers over a sustained period.

Essential reading for high performers

Following hundreds of hours of research, interviews, and check and challenge against real-life experience, our Cultural Hypothesis highlights four key enablers of healthy, high performing organisations. It’s a valuable resource for anyone aiming to shape positive cultures that enable people and organisations to flourish.
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Insights for organisations:

Culture doesn’t eat strategy for breakfast. Culture is strategy
John Bull
Director & Lead for High Performance Research

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