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We'll help everyone recognise their part in creating a high performing team.

Co-workers from a high performance team having a discussion


Of contribution typically comes from 2-3 people in a team of 8. Creating more equitable contribution is a quick win.

2 out of 5

Average rating of psychological safety and openness to challenge before MF work with a team.

4 out of 5

Average rating of psychological safety and openness to challenge after MF work with a team for two sessions.

Transform the quality of debate, decisions and collective action.

The quality of interaction in most teams is mediocre at best. We help you build trust quickly and progress towards high performing behaviours.

We start by bringing the characteristics of high performing teamwork to life. Using these insights we help teams identify the greatest opportunities for immediate improvement. We then work the team to build desired behaviours and the trust that underpins them.
  • We often start by asking team members to benchmark their team with our Team Effectiveness Survey.
  • We have great exercises that build trust and psychological safety at pace.
  • We build ‘team intelligence’ by offering simple frameworks and insights that help individuals understand their role in improving performance.
  • We use experiential exercises to help individuals reflect on their current behaviours within the team.
  • We encourage real strategic discussions so the team practice performing together. We offer feedback and coaching live as they perform.

How we add value to team performance:

Assess current effectiveness
Using survey, interviews or both. Including input from key stakeholders.
Building a new team
Helping new teams to rapidly build trust and establish effective ways of working together.
Overcoming issues
Support in facilitating open, constructive discussions to progress key issues.
Good to great
Enabling good teams to challenge themselves to get even better.
Observation and feedback
Observing critical meetings provides great opportunity to offer performance feedback to the team and to individuals.
Facilitating a key strategic discussion
Ensuring a high quality discussion that’s focused, creative, and enables equal participation from all, including the team lead.

Insights for teams

“By far the most effective team sessions we have had, and they came at the right time to bring the team together, align on common purpose and go after it!
Country, General Manager

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If you’re thinking what next for yourself, your team or your organisation then we’d love to speak with you.