Future Focused

Where next?

Enabling Leaders, Teams, Organisations and Coaches. Whatever your goals, we’ll help you take action today to enjoy a brighter tomorrow.

Achieving ambitions with:

Enabling Leaders

Through a combination of industry-leading coaching and exceptional leadership skills development we're committed to making great leadership the norm, not the exception.

Enabling Teams

We'll help you embed the behaviours that build high performing teams. We'll help you develop teaming skills that enable teamwork on the fly between people who come together rapidly and briefly.

Enabling Organisations

Our culture development programmes help you define and embed winning behaviours. Our diversity, equity & inclusion specialists will help you create an environment where everyone can thrive.

Meet the MF team

Our team are among the best in the industry bringing a versatile range of perspectives.
Meet the team

Real people. Real impact.

“For those in leadership positions, the ICS is a chance to develop new skills that you wouldn’t have picked up from a classic education. It is one of those life-enhancing experiences that everyone should do”
Markus Kramer
Managing Partner, Brand Affairs

Forward thinking

Upcoming events:

Qualification Cafe - December
Online Event
Wed 1 December 2021
11:00 - 12:30 BST
Coaching Clinic - December
Online Event
Wed 1 December 2021
13:30 - 14:30 BST
Learning Lab: Evolving as a Coach and as a Human Being
Online Event
Thu 9 December 2021
14:00 - 15:30 BST

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If you’re thinking what next for yourself, your team or your organisation then we’d love to speak with you.