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The greater the need for innovation and adaptation, the greater the need for collaboration across boundaries.

Team Members working together with virtual reality headsets.


Organisations report that silos have a significant negative affect on performance.


Reduction in airplane crashes due to human error, since ‘Teaming’ skills (called Human Factors training in aviation) were introduced in 1988.


The number of people we’ve trained in Teaming skills this year.

‘Teaming’ skills equip people to bust silos and collaborate at pace across functional and hierarchical boundaries.

Getting people to think as one tribe. Sharing information and ideas. Solving problems together. Asking for help. Challenging each other. And being open to that challenge.
  • We raise awareness of 6 natural human tendencies that inhibit collaboration.
  • We equip people to recognise and overcome these, whenever they need to collaborate.
  • We use experiential exercises that get people from multiple teams practicing performing together. Locking skills in whilst building trust.
  • We help leaders to create conditions where a culture of ‘teaming’ can become the norm.

How we can support you to build a culture of ‘Teaming’:

Teaming skills for all
Equipping everyone with the mindset and skills for collaborating effectively across boundaries. This is the most effective approach.
Teaming skills for leaders
Building their own collaborative skills, and equipping them to nurture a culture of Teaming between others. Useful follow up to ‘skills session’ for all.
Rapid team formation
Facilitating a kick off session with a project team, or between two or more functions, where you need people to collaborate immediately.
Help you run these sessions yourselves
We'll help L&D professionals to scope, design and run these sessions internally.

Insights for teams

“"Really, really good session. Practical, and super relevant to us right now - helping us come together as a wider team of different functions. I was able to use the insights immediately to improve a project meeting we had this afternoon.”
Director, Financial Services

Let's talk now

If you’re thinking what next for yourself, your team or your organisation then we’d love to speak with you.