Phil Hayes


Phil has been developing leaders and teams for more than three decades. He combines deep expertise and knowledge with a brilliant ability to distil the essence of what’s important. Clients who work with Phil value his calm presence, his wisdom and his sense of humour.

For Phil development is a genuine partnership approach – He knows that partnerships and groups that work well together are what make things happen. He has a fundamental belief in the potential of people to achieve. That belief is palpable. At the same time he is aware that even the most successful and dynamic people have vulnerabilities and uncertainties, and he is sensitive to these.

Phil is former Head of Management Training at the BBC, Operations Manager of an outdoor training centre, and a published author.  Phil is a founder of MF and has served as Director, MD and Chair over the years. There are many in this industry who purport to Mastery. Phil isn’t one of them. Clients and colleagues would argue his case.

“Phil took me out of the daily grind… I felt energised by the coaching sessions which were like a shot of vitamins, oxygen and adrenalin all at once”
Supporting Leaders and Teams at:
  • Dyson
  • Southampton FC
  • Lankelly Chase
  • University College London
  • Coca Cola Hellenic
  • Nissan
  • The European Tour
Articles and inspiration:

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