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Learning Lab: FEEDBACK: Do you really want to raise performance?

Learning Labs
July 15, 2021

Learning Lab #25

One of the 'taken for granteds' of organisational life is the importance of feedback.

In fact, it sometimes seems that feedback is given purely because feedback is given. And behind this are a series of assumptions about what feedback is, why we give it and what is its purpose.

For example, there is frequently an assumption that giving feedback is an important part of improving performance. There is an assumption that giving feedback periodically is the 'right' thing to do managerially, and as a member of staff it is right to expect it.

And like us, you've probably done workshops on how to give good feedback and you know that it should be behavioural, specific, etc. etc.  

But a big gap in this training is often about what is going on inside the recipient of the feedback, and in the wider context of work and possibly home life too.

This Learning Lab aims to offer deeper insights into what works and what does not work in feedback and what can be learned from the wealth of research and practice out there.

- This session was designed by Matt Driver

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