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Desktop computer showing opening title of Coaching with Nature in Mind video

Highlights from 'Coaching with Nature in Mind'

Muriel Bauer
April 12, 2023

Muriel Bauer is an executive coach and an integrative psychotherapist. She has designed workshops for audiences around the world on topics such as well-being and resilience, women’s empowerment, communication skills and stress management.  Muriel works in social change and sustainability - inspired by indigenous teachings - to create lasting impact in this world.

We were delighted to have Muriel present a Learning Lab on 'Coaching with Nature in Mind'.

These highlights cover:

  • Chapter 1 – Who Muriel is, and why she's urging coaches to consider the environment in their practice.
  • Chapter 2 – Common responses when we consider these issues, and Muriel’s adaptation of the five stages of loss and grief.
  • Chapter 3 – Considering questions about coaching and the climate/economical environments for now and the future.
  • Chapter 4 – Examples, ideas and tools for coaching.

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