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Matt Driver

Matt Driver

Head of Coach Skills Development

Matt is one of the most experienced coaches and trainers at MF. He has been part of our team for many years, and in recent years has managed our prestigious coaching qualifications. Matt has put his own mark on the MF qualifications, insisting that they are not an end in themselves, but are by-products of an optimal learning experience for all candidates.

Matt is a genuine all-rounder - he can coach and train with equal alacrity. All his work is underpinned by a rigorous intelligence, and a hunger for learning and research. Of all our team, Matt is the most likely to be undertaking a course of serious study at any given time! Matt has a deep expertise in Positive Psychology and is a published author on how the principles of Positive Psychology apply to coaching.

Matt is a talented linguist, and in a former life was a professional translator. This linguistic ability allows him to work and coach freely in French and Italian, and he has a working ability in several other languages too. This is part of the reason he is a genuine multiculturalist, happy to work with diverse nationalities and cultures.

As a colleague and consultant Matt brings humour, humility and loyalty to everything he does. He also brings a shrewdness and sharpness of thought that can identify issues - and solutions - at speed and depth.

“You know a virtuoso when you see one. Utterly brilliant, I loved all the stories.”
Supporting Leaders and Teams at:
  • Coca-Cola Hellenic
  • English Institute of Sport
  • UK National Health Service
  • Finance sector
  • International development charities
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