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Shona Crooks - MF's Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion - shares her thoughts on Stephen Lawrence Day 2021.

Photo of Doreen Lawrence

The year was 1993.

I grew up in Eltham, South East London, under half a mile from where Stephen Lawrence was murdered in a racially motivated attack while he was waiting for a bus. In the early 90’s Eltham was a predominantly white area, and we were among a small population of black families living in the area at the time.

Back then it was an area where the National Front would chase you down the high street because you were black, it was also an area where I made some of my best friends and learnt about the power of community spirit. Growing up in Eltham shaped me as a person. It’s partly why I am so passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion and creating a fairer society where everyone is equal and has equal access to opportunities. Stephen’s death had a massive impact on me as a person, influencing my values and beliefs.

Stephen Lawrence Day is about the part we all play in creating a society in which everyone can flourish, so how are you playing your part? Small changes make a big difference.

Today we honour you Stephen and thank your family and friends for the changes that have been and for the changes that are still needed.

Useful Links:

Stephen Lawrence Foundation: https://stephenlawrenceday.org/community/

Stephen Lawrence Foundation Video: https://youtu.be/tk-Tc2g5hSc

If you're thinking about how you can create an authentic sense of belonging in your organisation then talk to Shona about how MF's diversity, equity and inclusion team can help you make a meaningful difference.

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