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Little Book of High Performance book cover

Little Book of High Performance - Second Edition

We’re delighted to announce that the second edition of The Little Book of High Performance is now available to purchase in the Management Futures Bookstore.

The Little Book Of High Performance summarises 15 years' research into the leadership behind some of the highest performing organisations and teams in the world – in a format you can read in just 10 minutes.

The second edition has been updated with some of our latest thinking and provides a clearer representation of the growing diversity and inclusivity in leadership positions.

High Performance Insights

Performance science has learned a lot about how to create an environment that gets the best out of people’s potential in recent decades. While these insights have transformed results in sectors like elite sport - and a small number of organisations like Google and Toyota - the approach of many organisations and individual line managers is out of step with what we now know about performance psychology.

For many organisations and individual leaders the most important limiting factor on their efforts to improve performance is their approach to how they manage people – as well intentioned as it might be.

With the help of The Little Book Of High Performance you will:

  • understand the most important building blocks of high performing cultures – and be able to benchmark your current approach against a very high standard.
  • be inspired to broaden your thinking about your role as a leader – paying more attention to the environment you are creating and the impact of your approach on motivation, innovation, development and bottom line performance.
  • have some immediate actions you can take to start improving each of the 7 key building blocks of a high performance culture.

Priced at just £3.95 (plus delivery), this is the ideal desktop companion for any line manager or team leader who is keen to assess their ability to engage, utilise and develop the talent around them - and compare themselves against the best in the business.

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