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Helping Leaders Respond Resourcefully to COVID-19

John Bull
March 27, 2020

We’ve created four practical workshops designed to meet the needs of leaders and managers right now. The interactive workshops are 90 minutes long and for up to 20 people at a time. The aim is to help leaders become immediately more effective the minute they exit the workshop.


This is focused on skills to deal with uncertainty and innovating under pressure…

  • Sharing insights and strategies from organisations who have extensive experience in adaptive leadership; including NASA and the military.
  • Exploring 5 traps that can slow our ability to adapt, and 5 skills we need to excel at to counter them.
  • Reflecting on our current response; what’s working and what traps we might be falling into.
  • Ensuring we don’t become a bottleneck for decisions; mobilise the potential of people around us.


Insights into 4 key influences on resilience levels

  • Including sleep and physical health, relationships and interactions, mental and emotional health and meaning.

Positive and negative stress

  • Understanding the stress curve and the neuroscience behind it. Enabling people to self-monitor and respond accordingly.

Exploring how resilience is affected by  personality

  • What this means for us and for the people we lead.

11 strategies  to maintain resourcefulness

  • Practical exploration of simple and effective approaches.

Supporting the resilience of others

  • Being a ‘secure base leader’ for your team.


Improving the quality of our interactions. Ensuring we tap into everyone’s insights, and enhance collaboration across teams…

Why this topic:

Right now there will be people with important insights and ideas we are not hearing from. We can’t afford this. Furthermore, the more challenges we face, the more we need collaboration between teams – working together to innovate and solve problems at pace.

What we’ll cover:

  • The building blocks of high performing teamwork during a crisis. Case studies to bring these to life.
  • 5 human factors which hinder collaboration. How to overcome these.
  • The skills which underpin effective collaboration – raising self-awareness on behaviours we bring to ‘teaming’.
  • Reflecting on what’s working and the opportunities for better collaboration.

Note: This can be run for team leaders, or as a workshop for the entire team, helping individuals take responsibility for their collaborative skills.


Insight on and practice in 4 key skills of effective empowerment…

Why this topic:

  • Leading and supporting people effectively in a virtual world is not easy.
  • Confusion, anxiety, and ineffective busyness are all risks.
  • Empowerment is our only viable option, and we need to do it really well.

What people can expect from the session:

Input, practice and feedback in the skills which enable leaders to support individuals and maximise performance. Including:

  • Providing absolute clarity of focus on goals and priorities.
  • Mobilising people’s talents with clear areas of responsibility and freedom.
  • Using coaching skills to offer support where it is most needed.
  • Combining psychological safety with accountability to maximise learning and progress.

Latest feedback on our workshops includes:

"Hugely valuable. I’ve been hunting for virtual examples of “what good looks like”. This session went beyond good. The seamless professionalism was great, timing perfect, and the crisp insights gave the material teeth.”


Contact us to find out more about how we can help your leaders respond resourcefully to COVID-19.

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