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For people to thrive diversity, equity and inclusion is critical. Yet finding time and resources to make a meaningful difference to organisational culture can be challenging. That’s why we’ve curated a set of online insights to fuel your inclusive practice. Each article in this series covers a key theme or issue in DE&I. Whether you have 5, 20 or 60 minutes to spare – we present these recommended resources to engage with and share.

If you have 5 minutes, try this:
You’ve Been Called Out for a Microaggression. What Do You Do? article on a computer

You’ve Been Called Out for a Microaggression. What Do You Do?

A lack of cultural skills and awareness can lead to harmful microaggressions at work. Learn what a microaggression is and tips on how to handle it if you’ve been called out. We particularly love tips such as: don’t make it about you, listen and seek to understand on your own time.

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If you have 20 minutes, try this:


The Selfhood podcast with Ranjit Saimbi explains why he doesn't want to be defined by his cultural heritage. Ranjit proclaims his wish to be able to assert his own identity, free both from the constraints that community and those in the rest of society who wish to put him in a particular box)

(With thanks to MF coach and consultant Dee Donnelly for promoting yet another stimulating resource!)

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If you have 60 minutes, try this:
The Good Immigrant: 21 writers reflect on race in contemporary Britain book cover

The Good Immigrant: 21 writers reflect on race in contemporary Britain

Helping you gain some true cultural competence, this book explores culture through 21 different writers sharing their stories and perspectives. Did you know that Naan means bread? So, when you’re ordering a Naan bread you are actually ordering a bread bread!?!

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