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3-for-1: Authenticity, a Business Imperative and Saying ‘Yes!’

For people to thrive diversity, equity and inclusion is critical. Yet finding time and resources to make a meaningful difference to organisational culture can be challenging. That’s why we’ve curated a set of online insights to fuel your inclusive practice. Each article in this series covers a key theme or issue in DE&I. Whether you have 5, 20 or 60 minutes to spare – we present these recommended resources to engage with and share.

If you have 5 minutes, try this:

Why you should not bring your authentic self to work | Jodi-Ann Burey | TEDxSeattle

How much of ourselves do we bring to work – and should we ever bring our ‘authentic self’ there? Jodi-Ann Burey challenges a much touted but frequently unexamined ambition about inclusion. With thanks to MF Associate Dee Donnelly for recommending this video.

Watch on YouTube

If you have 20 minutes, try this:

'Building an Inclusive Organisation' by Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina

Building an Inclusive Organization: Leveraging the Power of a Diverse Workforce’ by Stephen Frost and Raafi-Karim Alidina is a book that explains why having a diverse workforce is a business imperative. MF Associate Mike Stimson pointed us towards a great interview produced by ‘Let’s Talk Leadership’ featuring co-author Raafi. You can watch the video here - it lasts 42 minutes and has a lot of nuggets but if you're short of time try the last 12 minutes where Raafi talks about 'partnering' to notice and help with micro-aggression and discriminatory behaviour in organisations.

See book in Booskshop

If you have 60 minutes, try this:

Dare to Lead with Brené Brown - Brené with Aiko Bethea on Inclusivity at Work: The Heart of Hard Conversations

MF Coach and consultant Jab Parvardin found this interview with Aiko Bethea in Brené Brown’s ‘Dare to Lead’ series both useful and inspiring around inclusivity in the workplace. Jab told us they are: “Two conversations that I heard a little while ago which got me saying “yes!” in mind a lot whilst listening.”

Listen to Part 1
Listen to Part 2

For more about how we help organisations create an authentic sense of belonging, please visit the DE&I pages on our website.

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