Neil Dew-Gosling

Commercial Finance & Strategic Growth

Neil makes things happen. With a finance background he is equally at ease in the worlds of numbers and of people. He takes business seriously and does not take himself too seriously. He fits in well at MF.

Neil has 30+ years of experience leading finance depts and large change projects within Training and Development organisations. Referred by a friend as someone MF may want to chat with we’re eternally grateful for the referral. A genuine pleasure to collaborate on projects with he’s been key to MF’s strategic thinking in recent years and our readiness to ‘make great leadership the norm’.

A keen observer of human behaviour, values and motivations Neil coaches in his own right.
He loves live music, festivals, playing the guitar and recording other musicians.

“Neil is fantastic. Through his listening, emotional intelligence and honesty in assessment, he has provided me outstanding support through some challenging situations.”
Supporting Leaders and Teams at:
  • MF
  • The Open University
Articles and inspiration:

The Principles of Persuasion Aren’t Just for Business
From Dr. Robert Cialdini
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Unconscious Leadership
From Tim Cox
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Cognitive Dissonance
From Saul McLeod
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