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Kaoru Okada

Kaoru Okada


Kaoru has a unique perspective on her work as a coach with MF. She must be one of a very few coaches who can coach fluently in English, Japanese and French; indeed she completed her executive coaching qualification, with distinction, in her third language!

An extremely capable coach, Kaoru draws on long experience drawn primarily from the automotive industry, where she has held several senior leadership roles in several countries. Additionally, she has a particular interest in the development of young leaders and has acted as a manager and mentor in this capacity for The United Nations and The World Bank.

Kaoru helps her clients to navigate through, and thrive in, the most unfamiliar and challenging environments. She does all this with charm, sensitivity, high intelligence, and a total commitment to her client’s goals.

“I realised the greatness of Kaoru’s coaching skills as my mind became clearer and clearer in a very short time. I wanted to become a leader who can give such awareness to team members.”
Supporting Leaders and Teams at:
  • Shiseido
  • Nissan
  • Renault
  • Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank
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