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Jonathan Bowring

Jonathan Bowring


Jonathan is passionate about the value that effective, authentic leadership brings. His style is reflective, collaborative and straightforward; he is often called upon in a crisis.

As a coach and facilitator, Jonathan draws on 25 years in the technology and language industries with HP and Canon. He worked in international environments, including a posting in the US, regular business in Japan and Europe, and managing a multi-national group in an EMEA headquarters.

Jonathan has a seasoned operations management background, including outsourcing and offshoring, hiring, relocation and restructuring. He is skilled at working one-to-one and a natural group facilitator, leading workshops on various leadership topics. Naturally curious, with wide interests in science, the arts and humanities, he has also volunteered with youth, the traveller community and disadvantaged individuals.

Jonathan coaches at all levels, from partners, C-level executives and directors, to emerging leaders in their first roles.

“If still waters run deep, then Jonathan is the Mariana Trench of wisdom, coaching skills and facilitation ability.”
Supporting Leaders and Teams at:
  • Grant Thornton
  • Trinity Homeless Projects
  • Canon
  • Argos Multilingual
  • Ofgem
Articles and inspiration:

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Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us
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Helping People Change
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Bias and preconceptions: caution for coaches
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Removing Bias in Recruitment
From Jonathan Bowring
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