Team Coaching builds on the ethos of executive coaching in its assumption that every team can grow and fulfil their potential given the right conditions. 

Our coaches regularly work with teams to identify areas for growth and development. On occasion we also work with teams who have entered into a crisis phase due to poor performance or change of circumstance – helping them to turn things around quickly and sustainably.

The team coach acts on behalf of the whole team – not just the team leader. The first step will normally be to speak with each team member about the issues they see and what they want to get out of a team coaching intervention. 

This is all part of building commitment to a shared process of team development. The coaching that follows can then take a variety of forms according to specific need - facilitated discussions, learning set activities, team building projects and skill-building seminars are just some of the options.

Whatever the approach, we have an enviable track record for delivering positive change and ongoing development.

I’ve turned to Management Futures frequently, usually looking for help on team coaching and development. Each time they have fulfilled my expectations. They combine a humane, ethical and diplomatic approach – the velvet glove, if you like – with razor-sharp rigour, as forensic attention to detail and a real desire to get to the bottom of the problem – be warned, there is something of the steel fist in there too! While they won’t tell me and my team what to do, they will definitely shed new light on the key issues and empower and motivate us to get to grips with them.