"Management Futures are the only company we retain to assist our coach and player personal development program. I would highly recommend them to anyone."

David Jones, Psychology and Personal Development, Saracens

Every organisation and every team is sitting on vast reserves of untapped potential. 

That may sound like a cliché, but if we stop to reflect for a minute, we can all think of examples of significantly improved performance in the face of a great challenge or opportunity. 

These examples show the extent to which people’s behaviour changes when the environmental circumstances around them change; and they give a glimpse of what is possible when we begin to create an environment which is conducive to high performance.  

The defining feature of high performing organisations like Google, Toyota and the NZ All Blacks, is that they have succeeded in creating an environment that is better at tapping into, focusing, and developing the talents of their people.

Our aim is to help leaders develop their ability to create the conditions we see at the heart of high performing organisations and teams – like everyone being united behind a compelling purpose, people feeling valued, a commitment to high standards, and a culture of more candid conversations.

Our success is built on:

1. Unique insights into the role of leadership in creating high performance. 

After almost 20 years studying and working with some of the highest performing organisations and teams in the world, we understand the connection between leadership and performance better than anyone - and we continue to commit a minimum of 20% of our time to this research.

2. An ability to make development sessions bring development sessions exciting and practical.

Leadership and team development work doesn’t need to be overly theoretical or boring. We give people an opportunity to benchmark themselves against the very best, and use examples from our research to bring the principles we’re exploring to life. With a focus on experiential learning, we challenge people to develop new skills immediately, and give them live feedback straight away. 

3. Use of our strength in coaching skills to help people apply their learning to make immediate improvements in performance

Our first step in any project is to get the people we're working with to define a set of goals which will become the focal point for the work. We keep these goals front and centre at all times, and assess our work by the shift in performance people achieve within the first 3 months. This isn’t just about short term results - we know that if people act on their learning immediately, and it works, they are likely to lock those skills in for life.

Our work is about partnering with clients who have a genuine ambition to be world class. Clients like Saracens Rugby, Nissan, Moy Park Foods, and ambitious public sector organisations like UK Sport.

If you have an ambition to achieve something special, contact us today

The session was a huge success, as it challenged our conventions on how we engage with players and staff at all levels of the organisation. All who participated identified areas and people for whom the approach could be hugely beneficial, and have looked to integrate the principles immediately.