In partnership with YouView, the UK based non-profit broadcasting organisation, Management Futures created and delivered a workshop for ten interns on their inaugural internship scheme. 

YouView is a collaboration of five household television and Internet brands with a vision to make television what it should be – open source and flexible for all to use. With the help of the HR Director, we designed a workshop that was not only informative and experiential but gave interns a chance to talk about their experience so far aswell as their intentions and goals for the internship.

Our sessions were designed to ensure that interns could get to know one another better - understanding each other’s strengths and their contribution to the overall shared goal of raising £1000 for charity. Many of the participants were students on their summer holidays and had never worked in a formal office environment - with little experience of working towards organisational goals.

We explored themes and practised techniques including: successful goal setting and having development conversations; reviewing collective strengths and how their contribution would add to the organisation and ensure the interns had a lasting positive impact on YouView. 

We wanted to help the interns ensure that their time spent at YouView would also benefit them as they entered their final years and the professional world.

The workshop drew from approaches within the field of coaching and talent development and was designed to be interactive, thought provoking and fast-paced. Interns were introduced to new ideas in an open, fun and facilitative style. The style of the Management Futures team mirrored the participants, ensuring that the sessions were enjoyable and immediately applicable. 

The interns were very pleased with the workshop and how the learnings were immediately applicable to their role – many said they would use the tools for their own personal development and when they returned to university. 

100% of feedback received from interns said they would recommend this programme to others.

I would recommend this programme because it helps to emphasise the importance of fundamental communication skills, while educating on specific techniques to aid persuasive communication.

Matt Burton, Marketing