Working with the Sally Salon Services (Sally) HR Team, Management Futures has delivered customised 2-day Coaching Skills Programmes designed to ensure a consistent coaching leadership style across the company’s UK team.

Sally Salon Services are a global company, grown from one small store in 1964 in New Orleans into the world’s largest distributor of professional hair and beauty products. 

Today they have over 4,000 stores worldwide including 260 stores in the UK and ROI and employ 16,500 people globally. 

A coaching approach was seen as essential in promoting overall staff engagement and increasing performance in a consistent way across the organisation. 

Our 2-day Coaching Skills Programmes were attended by leaders from HR and Operations - some with significant experience of coaching and others that were relatively new to it.

The Management Futures team benchmarked participants' coaching skills on telephone calls. This exercise informed the programme design and lead to four distinct parts: 

  • Refresh core skills with emphasis on questioning and goal-setting 
  • Build skills to enable leaders to work with new tools and techniques 
  • How to apply a coaching approach in store and with local teams to boost engagement 
  • Defining and developing a coaching leadership style at Sally 

I would recommend this programme because it is thought provoking and practical. Plenty of time was dedicated to understanding and for practical application - with on the spot feedback.

Nicky Keeling, Regional Trainer

I would recommend this programme because the facilitators were great, the style was good, the connection was good and the environment was easy for learning.

Peter Lush, Regional Manager

The programme covered all the aspects of highly effective coaching and the team did very well in delivering the programme.

Kuldip Rait, Regional Manager

The programme met and surpassed my expectations and the trainers were both excellent. The materials were very fit for purpose. I feel the programme will make an actual difference to my day-to-day coaching skills.

Simon Hopes, Regional Manager

The programme was professional, participative, safe and I loved the real life examples used.

Theresa Corish, HR Manager

This programme gives all managers the insight and the tools to get the best out of their people.

Paul Ritter, Regional HR Manager

It met objectives – the benchmark phone calls helped to pitch it at the right level and the content was great.

Lesley Dunne, Learning and Development Manager