Management Futures partnered with leading global technology firm Cosworth to deliver an engaging team-building programme - designed to create a sense of solidarity and high performance within a remote team.

Cosworth are renowned for delivering high calibre solutions to clients within diverse industries and the HR Director wanted something equally fast-paced, experiential and challenging.

Around 30 sales staff gathered at their Northampton HQ for a three-day programme where they met both familiar faces and new peers. 

The programme was designed to be flexible so that sales staff could both learn new tools and network to have fun and cement the learning.

The sessions themselves were experiential and brought many well-founded team building strategies into play.

Short reviews following each session were built in so that the team members could identify how they worked best and what they could do to make this even better.

Together with the facilitators, the team highlighted the positive behaviours they had shown in the exercises and discussed what this meant for them as a team and how it aligned with their strategy.

They came away from the session with a clearer understanding of their collective strength in addition to specific knowledge and insight into one another that laid a solid foundation for the subsequent days and best practice for the future.

What a great day! We’ve had some fantastic feedback from the team who all enjoyed the process and felt they came away with real insight into their own strengths and preferences as well as the collective performance. Management Futures delivered for Cosworth every step of the way and I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend them.

Jonathan Parsons, Group HR Director