New Format For Our ICS Programme

New Format For Our ICS Programme

New Format For Our ICS Programme

New Format For Our ICS Programme

Fresh for 2019 we've launched a new format for our Intensive Coaching Skills (ICS) Programme which offers improved flexibility while still delivering the same powerful learning experience.


Our ICS programme introduces novice and experienced coaches to the fundamental skills and tools required in executive coaching. With the support of experienced coach facilitators, people are introduced to the key coaching principles and skills required to build a successful coaching relationship. Through real issue demonstrations and opportunities to practice, participants gain the insights and tools required for immediate business application. 

While programme content and delivery have evolved over the years, our aim has always remained the same - to give coaches the confidence to be able to handle anything from a 5-minute corridor conversation to a structured series of coaching sessions. This is done within a safe and fun environment where participants learn as much from each other as they do from facilitators.

New for 2019

The overwhelming feedback from people who have been on our ICS programme is that it is a powerful, even life-changing, experience of learning and personal development.

However, at the same time, some of our clients asked us if there was a more flexible way to access the programme.

Having reviewed the possibilities, we are delighted to confirm that in 2019 we will offer ICS in two formats:

  • Two of our ICS programmes will run as 2 x 2-day modules
  • Two of our ICS programmes will run as a 4-day module

(There will be some self-study before and during the programmes.)

These two different formats give candidates the flexibility to undertake the course in a way that best suits their lifestyle and working situation.

Book Your Place

Please click here to see details of our 2019 course dates. 

The next ICS Programme will run between the 13th and 16th May 2019. You can secure your place - or book places for members of your organisation - by contacting Sarah Campbell on +44 (0)20 7928 4841 or by emailing Sarah