How to sustain success for 100 years

How to sustain success for 100 years

How to sustain success for 100 years

How to sustain success for 100 years

What can you learn from NASA, the Royal Shakespeare Company, the All Blacks and British Cycling on how to sustain your success?

We’re delighted to announce that Management Futures has partnered with a number of leading universities - including Oxford, Duke and Kingston - to help carry out some groundbreaking research into organisations who have outperformed their peers for more than 100 years.  

We believe the insights from this work are incredibly important and our ambition is to use them to help develop a more robust UK economy and society. 


While working together with UK Sport to understand how they’d improved performance over the last 20 years they talked us through their transformation but questioned its sustainability.

In response, we asked them, “Who do you think you could learn from?”

They said, “The arts, they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years.”

So, we contacted the Royal Academy of Music, the Royal College of Art and the Royal Shakespeare Company – and our research began.

In-depth research 

Over five years we studied how seven examples of sustained success – also including the New Zealand All Blacks, British Cycling, Eton College and NASA - have outperformed their peers for 100 years.

Despite their different vocations, we were surprised to find that all of these Centennials are very similar to each other and behave in ways that defy conventional wisdom. 

While most organisations focus on growth, cost, customers, competitors and secrets, the Centennials don’t. Instead they try to get better not bigger, are intentionally inefficient, shape society, learn from everyone and share their stories with the world.

They’re Radically Traditional. With a stable core – purpose, stewardship and openness – but disruptive edge – experts, nervousness and accidents.

Transformational insights

Armed with this knowledge we then spoke with 500+ leaders from 80+ successful organisations to see what they could learn from the Centennials.

Their responses helped us to develop a 15-minute self-assessment with 12 tests to help you understand what your organisation can do to sustain success. 

You can take this assessment now and read more about our collaboration at

If you have any questions about how Management Futures can help you create and sustain a high-performance environment, contact