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Therapist Into Coach

By Julia Vaughan Smith £18.00

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Julia Vaughan Smith is an experienced executive and leadership coach, organisational consultant and facilitator with a Coaching and Consultancy practice. She is also a practicing psychotherapist. 

Therapist into Coach is written for those who are qualified and experienced as psychological therapists, for example psychotherapists, counsellors and psychologists. It aims to make a bridge between the approaches, exploring the similarities and differences. 

The valuable expertise psychological therapists bring can enable them also to become effective coaches. 

Therapist into Coach aims to help readers decide if coaching offers a development path they wish to take and will be of interest too to anyone who is thinking of widening the case-mix of their practice. It also considers the opportunity to bring elements of a coaching approach into a psychotherapy or counselling process. It highlights those aspects of a therapeutic model which are inappropriate for coaching as well as the elements which add a richness to the process.

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