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Psychological Dimensions To Coaching

By Peter Bluckert £18.00

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Peter leads a coaching and coach training company in Yorkshire. His experience in both organisational development and Gestalt therapy spans twenty-five years. He is also a founder member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC)

The purpose of Psychological Dimensions to Coaching is two-fold: firstly to provide the foundations of a psychological framework for coaching, and secondly to fill an important gap in current coaching literature by bringing a Gestalt perspective to coaching. 

The four sections of the book begin with a framework for effective coaching. The second section builds the rationale for a stronger psychological approach by examining the most common themes and topics brought to coaching sessions. This is followed in section three by exploring the key psychological competencies required, how to develop them, and the training and supervision issues implicit in this approach. 

The final section focuses on the unique contribution that the Gestalt perspective offers the coach.

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