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NLP Coaching

By Phil Hayes £18.00

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NLP Coaching offers a practical guide for coaches who would like to introduce elements of NLP into their coaching.

It describes NLP-influenced approaches to some of the issues that arise with great regularity and frequency in executive coaching, for example:

  • Career or life development issues
  • Issues of confidence in the workplace
  • Relationship issues
  • Goal-setting
  • Resolution of dilemmas

The real meat of the book is looking at the common issues that clients bring to the coaching room, and the detailed descriptions of how the coach can use NLP approaches to help address these issues. Coaches are shown some of the possible pitfalls that can arise in trying the techniques in order that they can avoid mistakes in their use.

Phil Hayes is also an executive director of Management Futures and writes regularly for Futures. He is a former head of management training at the BBC.

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