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Creating A Coaching Culture

By Peter Hawkins £18.00

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How do we create a coaching culture?
What will be the benefits for all parties?
How can we link it to the performance of our business?
How do we calculate the return on investment?
How do we make it sustainable?

Organisations are investing large sums of money in employing external and internal coaching and are increasingly under pressure to show a demonstrable return on this investment. In this much-needed book, Hawkins gives a well researched and practical answer to the whole question of how you create a `coaching culture' and provides a step-by step guide to implementing this change. The book includes advice for both coaches and HR professionals on:

Establishing the right integrated mix of coaching by line managers, internal specialized coaches and external coaches

Combining individual and team coaching and connect both to the organisational change agenda

Harvesting the organisational learning from the thousands of coaching conversations

A coaching style becoming a way of relating internally and externally to all the organisation's stakeholders

Case studies show how a wide range of international organisations have developed successful coaching strategies to increase the effectiveness of their businesses. This book will provide you with valuable insights whether you are a coach, an organisation consultant, an HR professional or a Chief Executive.

“Peter Hawkins draws on 30 years of international organisational change consultancy in Creating a Coaching Culture. He offers seven steps, numerous case studies, and his real world experience. Reading this book, it is easy to pinpoint how far along one's organisation has moved towards developing a sustainable coaching culture and what the next steps are. Like Peter's other books, Creating a Coaching Culture sits on my desk, not my bookshelf, because of its usefulness, depth of thought, and Peter's expertise.”
Catherine Carr, doctoral candidate in Leadership Development and Executive Coaching, Carr & Associates leadership coaching

“In recent years, the concepts of leadership culture and coaching culture have become increasingly intertwined, to the extent that achieving a coaching culture is a common aspiration for organisations of all sizes. Peter Hawkins brings the topic up to date, using multiple case studies and an analytical approach that clarifies the challenges and how to address them.”
David Clutterbuck, Visiting Professor, Oxford Brookes & Sheffield Hallam Universities, UK

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